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How Your Hotel Business Can Thrive in This New Normal

How Your Hotel Business Can Thrive in This New Normal

It’s not enough, even for restaurants, and caterers to rely on word of mouth for business anymore, especially during the pandemic. No matter how professional your staff is or how good food you serve, you still won’t get any new clients, if your prospective clients don’t know about it.

This is where the role of Internet marketing is integral to the hospitality and catering industry. With the help of SEO, social media marketing, and other marketing strategies, you can convey all this to your potential customers.

But, to succeed, you need to formulate a solid plan; otherwise, all your efforts and monetary investment would go in vain.

Pro Tactics to Boost Your Hotel Business Revenues Amidst The COVID-19 Pandemic:-

Table of Contents

  • Be Active on Social Media
  • Mobile Compatible Website
  • Connect With Bloggers
  • Start YouTube Channel
  • Google My Business Listing

#1. Be Active on Social Media

Appetizing and delicious-appealing, real pictures of dishes prepared by your chefs when catering for events will undoubtedly draw the attention of your potential audience.
Today, we have many social media sites like Instagram and Pinterest for sharing photos and getting more likes, shares, and comments.
Through the high-quality hotel pictures and videos, illustrate your team’s creativity, talent, and the extensive range of dishes your chefs can cook.
Don’t forget to post pictures of events you recently catered to; it is a means to show that you are capable of catering to all kinds of social gatherings. Make sure you post regularly to stay connected with your followers, reply to interact with them to look professional and contactable.
You can take inspiration from your competitors to create a proper, dedicated strategy that works for your hotel business.
If you think, social media marketing isn’t your cup of tea; you can hire a professional social media marketing services agency to help you out with formulating, tracking, and updating your SMM strategy.
WhatsApp stories are an effective indirect way to reach out to your prospective clients and drive measurable results. Along with it, invest in Facebook and Instagram ads to improve your hotel visibility within a given specific region.

#2. Mobile Compatible Website

This is vital, because these days, just about everyone has a smartphone in their pocket to shop, play games, and so much more.
The contact information, company name, logo, and pictures are key elements that should be visible clearly on your site’s mobile landing page. It not only helps in getting more inquiries but also increases the conversion rate.
While your site must look as delicious as your food, but, don’t overdo the visuals as they can hamper your site’s loading speed on small screens.
The text on your website is as essential as the visual; it must be engaging, use short and crisp sentences.
Your logo and overall theme must suit your brand identity or cuisine style. Don’t forget to include menus, venues, and prices, which are easy to navigate using a mobile device.
Above all, if your website is mobile-friendly, Google’s search algorithms will appreciate it in the form of improved rankings. And if you have an extra budget, a mobile app is a great option to encourage people to make bookings.

#3 Connect With Bloggers

Connect with influential, local food bloggers, those who specialize in anything from international food, recipes, weddings to gluten-free food. Send them a personalized invitation to review your food.
One thing you need to bear in mind is that you might not get a five-star rating, they’ll write a genuine blog post, highlighting both pros and cons of hiring you for any upcoming social gathering.

#4 Start YouTube Channel

Videos on food, be it the wedding chocolate cake or lasagna dish, as well as dining etiquettes, drive a massive number of views and engagement.
You can share videos that show how hygienically you prepare food, how trained your hospitality staff is, and also share footage of big events you catered.
To get more impressions, clicks, shares, likes, and comments, the video must be edited professionally with appropriate music.

#5 Google My Business Listing

Local people must find you. Therefore, list your hotel on Google My Business with proper business and contact details. It will help you to attract new customers.

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