Cloud Kitchen Marketing

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Even a cloud kitchen that does not have a physical presence needs to be omnipresent. It needs proper advertisement through loyalty programs, influencer marketing, moment marketing, customer feedback, etc.

While you focus on providing quality food, our team up will analyze the customer demographics, trends and preferences and optimize so that kitchen is the first thing they think of when they want to order food!

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Social Media Marketing

First up, a consistent and positive social media presence is of paramount importance in this day and age. Customers will never be able to resist the tempting food pictures and especially when food bloggers are all the rage!


Food Aggregators optimization

We wish to optimize the food delivery experience by stepping into the world of food aggregators. Contrary to popular belief, food aggregator is a traditional model and our portal will manage the customers by being a seamless link between your kitchen and their wish list!



Today, we all rely on search engines to relay information to us about anything and everything. So when the customer is looking for food delivery options, you want to be amongst the first two options if you want to be chosen.

Regardless of how good your food and website are, unless it is optimized, all other efforts go in vain. 


Packaging Designing

When we say we ‘market’ for you, we pay attention to the smallest details so that you don’t have to. This includes packaging design- colour, combinations, structure, materials used, font, typography or any other design-related element that will go into making the package suitable for your brand image.


Logo Design

The name and logo make the first impression for you- they sea perception before you can. A good logo will grab attention and will be easy to retain. We take the design, color schemes and overall brand identity very seriously when it comes to logo design.


Menu Designing

Menu design is integral to any restaurant’s marketing. It is an art that is mastered after years of customer behavior study and aligns with the current trends in the market. It is supposed to increase profitability and keep the brand fresh in the customer’s eyes.

My company's hotel marketing is well managed by them. As a result of our affiliation with Fielmente, our company has experienced growth in its business. I wish to thank all the dedicated members of Fielmente for their effort. Having a team of knowledgeable and friendly staff that can assist in any way. Among the things I like about Sachin is the way he communicates with clients. He is one of the most passionate individuals I have worked with, helping me with all the issues I was facing with my hotel. The Fielmente team is excellent to work with.

Robb Walters